Sympathy For the Woodwinds

Can the London Symphony Orchestra kick the ass of Kiss Alive 4 with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra? No, but only because they are so different (orchestral rendering vs. orchestral accompaniment, with bombs).

As Tears Go By
  • Angie. Wow – a totally different spin on that.
  • As Tears Go By. *Shit.* No bagpipes at my funeral, just play this song, this version. Wait, bagpipes are freaking cool, in that “I wanna be a Highlander” way. So both.
  • Sympathy for the Devil is Peter and the Wolf-weird, but at least they include the best verse about the 100 year war and the Dead Kennedys (F***ing Stones always cut that one)
  • She’s a Rainbow and Dandelion could be theme music. Interesting, but it makes me want to beat up a theater major.
  • I hate Gimme Shelter, but only because that is a top 10 EVER song for me, just the way it is.

The Minister of Cool has blessed this album, so it’s got that going for it, too.  Which is good.

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