Fredo Wang: WTFWYT?!

I almost wish he went for the gold medal…

Man shoots off finger while using bathroom.

Canadian Press
Jan. 3, 2006 04:34 PM

NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. – The RCMP warned about the dangers of gunplay Tuesday after a man shot off his finger in a toilet.

Police said they got a call early New Year’s Day after a man was seen bleeding profusely from his hand at an apartment building.

When they arrived, there was no sign of the man, but a large amount of blood was found on an apartment door. In searching the apartment, police said they found a shell casing on the bathroom floor and a large pool of blood in front of the toilet.

“Apparently the male was playing with a handgun while using the bathroom and inadvertently shot his finger off,” the RCMP said in a new release.

The RCMP also warned of the dangers of playing with guns while using the toilet, saying “it was not a good idea.”

No shit.

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