Spirit of Dick

Here is the story:  Qwest sucks.

More than that, their top level execs are getting Oz’ed by the SEC and USAGO for insider trading, and profiteering.

The main story is here.

Friday’s Department of Irony development is right here.

DENVER — A sniveling, money-grubbing former Qwest finance chief who admitted to  insider trading as part of the company’s multibillion-dollar accounting scandal faces a trial on civil fraud charges because a tentative settlement with regulators has collapsed.

Big deal, right?  Crooked exec angles for a better deal.  Big surprise.  Here’s what makes it funny – the Qwest ad in the middle (may need to refresh the page a couple times):


Run around the Qwest office scooping up money until you earn the right to shit like an executive.


props to superstar for this

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