Your 15 Minutes Are So Over, Mr. Bentley

How many “rare” cars do you have to see before they are common?

Bentley Continental Flying Spur

This is my third Bentley Continental Flying Spur . I have seen more of these in Phoenix in 2 weeks than Yugos or any other crap car in the last 8 years.

I will say it’s the best Jetta ever…


OTOH. these are actual rare cars. I did see one in Ahwatukee while on a wine safari Wednesday. Still looks like a $375,000 Kia. I think Randal from the Apprentice was in town for some tacos or something.

4 thoughts on “Your 15 Minutes Are So Over, Mr. Bentley

  1. I’ve actually seen more Maybachs than Bentleys. There is one extremely rich man in town who drives a Continental GT (he also has a Ford GT, BMW Z8 and other drool inducers and, rumor has it, a full time employee who delivers the car of his whim, takes the car he’s currently driving back to the stable and details it before bedding it down.) I’ve seen three of the Uberbenzes – one of them in the parking lot of Hardings, for chrissake! The other two were in the northern Chicago suburbs.

  2. But were they 57s or 62s? Or 57Ss? Are you sure it wasn’t a pimped out Hyundai, because they really do look the same.
    I did see a new S class – looks tarty with those “look at me,” silicone-inflated fenders.

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