Football season is so over

Fucking stupid Broncos.  Or are they brilliant?  Stay with me here.  The winners from yesterday go to Superbowl XL.  XL is in Deetroit. I lived in Denver (and Boulder) –  it kicks Detroit’s ass 24/7/365/4,600,000,000.4. Watching the Superbowl on TV with the front range out the window, or better yet from a ski chalet in Breck, totally kicks the ass of anything Detroit has to offer.  Even Woodward Coney Dogs.

However, for Pittsburgh, it’s a social climbing road trip.

So you can see the motivation (or lack of) for yesterday’s result.

7 thoughts on “Football season is so over

  1. after Sunday, I am there I f***ing hate Pittsburgh asd a general proposition. Especially with all the “Jerome Bettis comes home to Dee-troit” stories that have already started. Gag.

  2. Maybe you can feel better about Larry Foote coming home and playing just east of the Meeechigan campus. At least he’s not some ND MFer.

  3. well, there is that, but I never really liked the steelers. I did like the Seahawks back in the Jim Zorn, “we hopelessly suck” early days. There was something about that bird on their hats. That was all I knew about them, but it was enough. Unlike the Lions, they had an excuse for stinking up the place.
    Then I started hating on the AFC, I think because NBC coverage sucked so bad, which just ended it. Now that they’re in the NFC, there’s that whole “Broncos or else whoever the NFC team is” thing
    Oh, and Larry Foote intercepted Jake last weekend, so he can just KMA.

  4. Believe it? I DEMAND it from all my anonymous visitors.

    Oh wait. You mean you still love our friend Superstar, right? If you are who I suspect you are, then she probably would still believe it. Give her a call or an e/m and find out.

  5. if only it were that easy, mate. Alas, I am reduced to anonymous email messages on obscure blogs to avoid prosecution. If you are her friend and I am who you think I am, tell me… how is she? is she well? I love her.

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