Men’s Wearhouse Steps on its own ____.

Customer feedback sitesare great.

I guarantee it ™ too, George…

Dear George: First, I love your January sale, and the extra 10% I get as a card holder/rewards member this time of year, especially since I have to replace my whole fucking suit collection. (And I had some pretty nice shit, too, including the mob hitman suit that no JP can resist.)

Here’s the problem though. I went to 4 MW stores trying to find something besides Herb Tarlek power combos. On 1/28 I went to the BFE AZ store, where Mr. Pink Tie “wardrobe consultant” was extremely helpful. I bought about $11 million worth of suits, ties and shirts for about $0.37.

Then, it came time to check out. Usually, at the Camelback store, the guys will just offer to get my card or reward info off the computer – I don’t have to carry the card or the $50 certificates with me. I asked Mr. Pink Tie to do that this time, and he tried – boy did he try. He pulled up a shopping pass showing my account and its $3,000,000,000.00 limit. I wanted that extra 5% savings from using the stupid card. The register wouldn’t accept it. Stupid POS. So, let’s call and find out WTF?

We were on the phone for 45 minutes with the card people. Part of the problem was that I didn’t activate my new card right when I got it. Apparently, I got it 2 years ago. But why activate it unless I want to use it? Evidently, simply activating it right then and there to close a sale was apparently too complex – the only “solution” offered on the phone was that I could just apply for a new account. How long is that gonna take? What is the upside for me? Negative interest? Free tailoring? An ice cold beer while I wait?

Silly, inflexible business practice. Come on George, double-u tee eff? I am trying to be nice – nobody else has that account number; you’re not using it. Give it back. We’re talking about a keystroke or two and everything is right with the world. Taking 45 minutes to figure out you didn’t want my business with the potential for 24% interest was a complete waste of my time, of which I had none to spare. Dick. Mr. Pink Tie was sensitive to my time pressure. The CSR could not process that additional bit of information.

In any event, using the MW card was simply a convenience to me – I had the cash, but did not want to tie it up today if I could get a 5% discount and pay off the balance in a week; for MW, it was a chance for your company to make some money on interest, in case I bought some new tires instead. Anyway, I couldn’t wait for more runaround on the phone, so I put it on my debit card. You still got a sale, but you turned away the chance at extra money. Brilliant. You fucking rule. you should sit on the board of Qwest with that brilliance.

I WON’T “reapply” for a stupid card with a crap interest rate that I don’t even want. I will just say “no” the next time I need a new suit (which is basically tomorrow), if I don’t have the cash in hand right then. Be glad I went through this stupid dance this time. For your trouble, you won’t get a dime of interest from me ever again. Plus, I never shop your store unless there’s a sale in the first place. Hope that whole minimal cash flow works out for you.

You’ll love the way I don’t spend.


(no, not really)


2 thoughts on “Men’s Wearhouse Steps on its own ____.

  1. your complaint is that the credit card you applied for two years ago, that you never activated, wasn’t accessible immediately for a purchase two years later? you’re fucking retarded.

  2. No, my complaint was that the nimrods in credit couldn’t solve this issue in less than most of an hour. It’s not that hard: “your account is disabled due to inactivity. You can reapply if you like.” See, even you could get through that in less than a minute or five. Is that too much to ask? Especially from a “fucking retarded” customer? Especially when they know I have to be somewhere else picking up my kid?

    Anyway, thanks ever so much for your timely and well reason comment.

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