WTF, Poppy?

“Anybody that shoots at the president of the United States at a funeral, I just didn’t appreciate that,” Mr. Bush added.

Dad Slams Attack On Bush At King Rite .

Why is this man not under arrest?

Or his dad, for saying the quote above.

Poppy is not completely insane:

Former President Bush also had praise for his friend, Bill Clinton: “I thought President Clinton was maybe the best. It was his crowd. They talk about Bill Clinton being ‘the first black president,’ well when you walk into that church with 12,000 or whatever it was, I mean it was very clear who that crowd loved and respected.”

Yeah – the guy who presided over the economic boom, without starting BS wars, ignoring hurricanes, gutting aid programs or pissing on the Constitution for a dollar is beter liked that Mr. Thousand Points of Dim Light or his lesser son.  Go figure.

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