So long and thanks for all the boobs

For 25 years, this has been the “best movie ever,” mostly because I was on a plutonium nyborg bender every time I saw it. For reasons unknown to me, I watched this cartoon thing last night, stone cold sober. Big mistake. It isn’t that good.

  • Harry Canyon – fuck the girl with big, physically impossible boobs, then kill her and pocket some cash.
  • Den – fuck another girl with gravity-defying boobs, fuck the queen with even bigger boobs, then kick her ass to win back the first one
  • Sternn – This one is about Dick Cheney.
  • B-17 – Skeletor’s family takes a vacation to the tropics.
  • So Beautiful and So Dangerous – a robot fucks a girl with big boobs. Plus plutonium nyborg to keep the help happy.
  • Taarna – The bad guy isn’t that scary after all. Taarna a has big boobs and kicks everybody’s ass. And the stupid whiny bird thing is still stupid. When the bad guy says kill it, I am all “YESSS!!!”

Obviously, I was insane at 18 when this came out. Or drunk a lot.

3 thoughts on “So long and thanks for all the boobs

  1. Thanks for ruining another fond memory. Now. whenever I hear someone utter “this time you die, Terakian bitch,” instead of that old warm fuzzy feeling, I’ll impulsively scream out “you bastards!”

    I made the mistake of watching it a couple of years ago. It took a fair amount of effort to make it though the whole thing without turning it off for lack of interest. Alcohol and hormones definitely enhance some experiences.

    Even the soundtrack seems pretty lame these days.

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