Worst Sequels Ever

EW names the best of the nearly unwatchable movie sequels.

17. Star Trek V

12. Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace

6. Weekend At Bernie’s II

2. CaddyShack II This movie literally makes me barf

1. Staying Alive

What? Where is Rocky V? Superman 3, or worse, 4?

Even more glaring – where in THE HELL is Star Trek Generations? A total shit fest.

  • Kirk gets a bigger boner for an imaginary horse than his hot Italian hottie? Hello?
  • Kirk leaves the hottie behind because Picard can’t find his Captain Viagra: “I need your help to beat some idiot with a ray gun, Jim, since you singlehandedly kicked the ass out of super robots, space amoebas and a Gorn, and all I ever did was write white papers on diplomacy and shag Dr. Crusher. Oh, and try to take over humanity beacuse I was pussywhipped by the Borg queen.” Hello?
  • And most egregious, completely unforgivable of any plot device anywhere – Kirk dies because he falls down? WTFFFFF*?
  • Kirk’s last words? Nothing classy, nothing sassy, nothing Knute Rockne. Just “Oh my…” That shit might fly on CSI: the movie or even Battlestar Galactica, but not for Jim Kirk.

Bastards. EW can kiss my ass for not recognizing this shitfest in the top 10 at least.

(Caddyshack II is definitely worse. I will give them that)

(* what the fuck-fuck-fuckity-fuck-fuck)

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