Culture Shock I

for the first time in 6(?) years, I do not have a TV in the dresser in the bedroom. IKEA says bedrooms are not just for sleeping. But South Park reruns at 4 am are not what they have in mind. So, I sold the dresser and the TV. There is now (brace yourself) only one (1, uno, ein, один, 一個) TV in my entire house. WTF? I have more computers than that. WTFFFFF! Now, instead of a couple of remotes on my nightstand, I have these:

No more waking up to D. James Kennedy making an ass out of himself. I assume this is a good thing. It has to at least help my sleep, although it is a lot easier to crash with a beer buzz and some shitty TV than to, you know, try to focus (optically or intellectually) on brain food.

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