ACID FLASHBACK THURSDAY: 1979 Lincoln Versailles

1979 Lincoln Versailles
ooo, la la

In the 70s, everybody was on drugs. Exhibit A: The Ford Maverick/ Ford (no, nobody thinks it’s a fucking Mercedes) Granada/Mercury Monarch/ Lincoln (“pretend it’s completely unrelated”) Versailles. All of these are ultimately based on the ‘60 Falcon. Classy! Who the hell thought this was a better idea? Who would be seen in it while sober?

Alternatively, the 1970s must have been a time of great vision into the future*, an ability just like Saruman or Darth Vader, because that tumor-like bulge in the trunk must surely be covering some 26” dubs (which were not even invented in 1979 – not even in study hall).

*This can be explained, again, by the drugs. How come nobody sold that shit at my school?

2 thoughts on “ACID FLASHBACK THURSDAY: 1979 Lincoln Versailles

  1. I see from the temporary plate that someone just bought it- perhaps during the last days of Barrett-Jackson?

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