Name that car

4 thoughts on “Name that car

  1. My guess is that’s the latest factory modification package for the Scion Xb, Part No. WTF. that’s been modified further with 944 tail lights. Engine modifications include the patented St*r*y Upsidedown Cleaner Cover, or SUCC for the latest in induction aural gratification.
    What’s my prize?
    BTW, the camera did a great job focusing on the nearest object.

  2. You win Pantera
    because I think that is what it is.
    I like your Scion theory, but until I see a kit in the JC Whitney catalog, I have to be a little skeptical.
    As for the mondo succ 9000, I found that a k&n filter and bumping your rev limiter in 1st and second has a similar effect on the ears. Cops are apparently deaf to it. At least at 12:30 on a Monday morning.
    (you sort of missed the point on the camera – if mine sucks, then I obviously need to go buy an new one will bells and whistles and shit. Geez.)

  3. Sorry for being obtuse. I thought that you didn’t have to justify things like that anymore. Of course, my better half went and got me a Nikon D70S DSLR along with a 70 – 300 (135 – 450 equivalent) zoom, carrying case and extended warranty for Bday/Xmas – knowing full well I wouldn’t get it for myself, but would just complain about not having one.
    Go hog-wild. You have my permission.

  4. Dude, if you have the ability to take dig photos, you need to put them on the internet. You already have that power here, and as my posts show, it is not about composition or art, except sometimes. Even then, it’s not about objectively good art, just whatever floats your *.jpg.
    Despite being free to make giant mistakes costing lots of money with no other repercussions (a whole other story, for another time), I am still required (by me) to rationalize these things for my own benefit. It’s what keeps me from buying a Powerbook I don’t actually need and an xBox 360 that will bankrupt me with the games and online charges and/or an overpriced plasma TV today from Circuit City instead of these guys in a month or 2 (or whenever my TV finally dies)

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