Trader Joes Kicks Ass

Where else can you get “Chile [sic.] Spiced Mango”?

Mullet 195

(which tastes exactly as it sounds – like Augusto Pinochet.)

Where else can you get the best beer ever?

Mullet 191

This isn’t it – it’s Boulder Extra Pale Ale.  But Copper Ale is pretty fricking close.  and this is the  only place in town that carries Boulder beers at all.

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5 thoughts on “Trader Joes Kicks Ass

  1. actually, the best boulder beer is “never summer ale” which, as you might guess, is their winter brew. i’m enjoying one of my last bottles as i type…

  2. Hey sorry for the late uptake, but I have fond, fond memories of Fat Tire. Came across the ale while ambling through the Rocks on a 6-week cross-country-er. MMMM. I would have them send me some of it if it weren’t for my wheat intolerance. No more beer for me. Wine it is, then! A girl’s gotta get classy at some point. That’s what I tell myself.

  3. Mmmmmm, Fat Tire. They were 20 minutes away when I was in law school. then they moved to Fart Collins, but I still love them. Not as much as Boulder Beer, but close. Way more than Oasis.

    You’va always been classy. Just remember to hold the stem, and say stuff like “a sassy clarion of tarty Mendocino oak, with permeating whispers of old vine insouciance.” I read that somewhere. Here, I think.

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