Stupid person of the day

Don’t confuse fascist repression with sound energy policy… My thoughts are we should, first, lower speed limits on all roads, other than interstate, to a maximum 55 MPH. Interstate roads should be lowered to a maximum 65 MPH. Strictly enforce speed limits across the board. Reduce our dependence on foreign oil by opening up domestic […]

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On the other hand

Mad props to the stable… Phil at Ford of North Scottsdale was the Randy Jackson, man. I mean “the bomb.” NSA monitoring crew: No you don’t. If you’re smart. Did most of it on the phone. Didn’t waste my time telling me stuff I already knew. Had all the numbers ready when I got there, […]

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F***ing Scottsdale, man

City of Scottsdale: Spirit of Dick 90 seconds after my best 90 minutes at a car dealer ever, fucking photo radar. I completely forgot. Fuck! Karma: this is too easy. Wait. Fuck that! Owned! A-hahahahaha! Me:     It was Night.  I was wearing temporary non-reflective plate.  There was a car in lane number two running interference. […]

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