Oh Qwest. WTF now?

I STILL hate them.

They STILL deserve it…

In our last episode, Qwest had just told me to fuck right off.  Our wires are fine.  Yours suck.  Perhaps you need a whole new outlet for $99, or you can pay me $120 an hour to tell you I can’t find the problem.


Qwest:  I am on time?  Where the hell are you?
Me:  Ooops.  I thought between 12-5 meant between 12 and 5, not AT 12.
Me:  I need an outlet.
Qwest:  WTF?  Who told you that – don’t you already have one?
Me:  Qwest said it so it must be true, n’est ce pas?
Qwest:  Wait.  Let me fuck around with all your wires.

tick tock

Qwest:  You’re all fixed.  No new nothin’ needed.
Me:  WTF?  (P.S.  alliteration is overdone.)
Qwest:  No charge.  (P.S.  STFU)
Me:  NFW! *faints from shock*

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