Search engines gone mad

Who’s looking for me?

#4 of 131,600  I fucked sharon from the club – Search.  I do work with Sharon, who could be a stripper.  For the record, I did not fuck her, although that would not be the worst thing that could ever happen to me.

#301 of 59,900,000  fucking – Yahoo! Search Results. (although I couldn’t find this referenced page on the list).  I fucking don’t believe it.

#s 5 and 6 of 68,647  AvantFind

Search Results – pimp my fat ass 4 a day.

What is with the theme?  More karma for next week’s adventure?  Fuckers.

I am still all proud papa over this one:
# 6 of 5.61 MILLION right here


greatest guitar solos – Google Search.

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