Name that car

This is a professional strength quiz. Get it right and there may be a prize…


Ferrari blur

3rd St and I-10

Because this is potentially tough, here are a few hints:

I do not currently own it.
It is not a Yugo.
It is assembled on earth, of earth made parts.
I have dreamed about it at least once, in conjunction with hot busty babes.
It, unlike me, is not a pig.
(except with gas)

6 thoughts on “Name that car

  1. Maybe after 12 beers or so the picture might coalesce into something I recognize. Until then I’ll guess a Daytona. No, not a Dodge.

  2. Wheels are too shiny to be a Daytona. Excellent guess for these reasons. Daytonas, like this car, were buit in the last 100 years. Plus, “Vampires do live in Daytona.” I am not quite sure how this applies, but it was written in spray paint under a pier in (wait for it….)

    Daytona, so it’s gotta be true.

    I did see one of those at the restaurant 50 ft from bachelor central. Ran like a, a – oh what the hell was the name of that fiberglass piece of shit on a VW bug chassis (nevermind the redundancy)? This is mid to late ’70s OGF. I’ sure they were advertised in C/D. Search your mind…

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