Oh noes

Former nude dance club demolished.  8 Barrel wept.  This place literally used to be his back yard.

Now where will I go for classy all nude entertainment the next time I have a bachelor party?

Haha!  Trick question.  I’m not having another bachelor party.  Not because I have anything against rubby naked chicks getting all faux freaky*.   It’s the whole “what comes after” part.

*apart from the corollary to the ass kicking I am getting from karma lately

2 thoughts on “Oh noes

  1. It is once again almost in my back yard. Unfortunately, the move changes the impact of one of my favorite personal tidbits. I can still say I met my wife while she was working on the street in front of the club, but instead of visualizing seedy Washington Square, people will ask what was I doing on Ravine Road?

    Though you’re still the only person I know who had a porn star performing live at his bachelor party.

  2. I did? How’d I miss that? I remember the naked chicks. Lots of them. I guess there were announcers and music and signs and stuff too. The only visual I have is a dirty shitty club, the store in the lobby, sitting under deafening speakers and getting booted out of the VIP area because I did not bring nearly enough money. Plus some guy getting pantsed and faux fellated just off stage and Starfire foolishly telling me he wanted that for me. Not being completely shitfaced allowed me to predict what was coming. The whole humiliated in front of my friends thing didn’t really appeal to me, but I suppose (now) I owed it to him for blowing off his party in favor of unbelievable, non-humiliating sex with Madonna. So Starfire, if you want to go back to the nudie bar, I am all in.

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