Like a thunderbolt in your cheerios

Well. more like a giant sucking sound from the interest vacuum.  Or like a big box of crickets, chirping away, where the audience was supposed to be…
Diamond Dave kicked to the curb for complete absence of listeners.
I podcasted him for like a week, and the only transcendant theme was that drugs don’t just fuck you up when you’re high, they make you incoherent in your 50s.

Personally, I blame Padlock, who claims to have partied with Van Halen somewhere in the late 70s/early 80s, and described giant bags of coke.  And something about DLR “powdering his donuts.”  Padlock was a weirdo.

So Dave, just kiss and make up with Eddie, so you guys can do the clean and sober geezer tour with Kiss and Aerosmith and the other AARP acts.

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