Mmmm, meth…

Man survives 12 nails to the head.

Psychological examinations showed he had ‘poor judgment and insight.’

Man: I wonder what this would –ka-chung – Ow – feel like on my temple. Ow! ka-chung – Ow- ka-chung – Ow -Fuck. That REALLY hurt. What number was – ka-chung –that?  Dammit! I need to – ka-chung ka-chung ka-chung –stop doing that!  Fuck! – ka-chung – Ow -Except I forgot the left side. ka-chung ka-chung ka-chung ka-chung – Symmetry. That’ll land the babes!

The man at first told doctors he had had a ‘nail gun accident.’

Man: Can you help me? I accidentally shot myself in the head with a nail gun… uh, 12 times.

So besides just say “no” to meth, what have we learned?

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