Name that car

7 thoughts on “Name that car

  1. Gimme, as in gimme a break?

    Maybe Dr. Gonzo could prescribe something stronger than Dramamine to counter the visually induced nausea. The painting from the motion makes it look like the back end of a late ’70s Town Car – lots of chrome and tail lights.

  2. The white is the numbers on gauges. The red is the little needle thing on various gauges which tell you what is important right now.

    Here is another opportunity for me to put weird shit on the internet you to guess.

  3. Hmmm……The Force seems to be failing me today. Must be I killed a few midichlorians with all that Bell’s Amber last night. Also, the interior must be white on white with white gauges, needles and markings, ’cause I don’t see it.

    Could it be that we’ve found the missing link here?

  4. Ahhhhhh, Bach!

    Or Doh!

    I thought “this” was supposed to link to a different shot, not that “this” refered to the same shot. Damn midichlorians.

    Does the dash in question have chameleon-like properties? I see the upgraded sound system was included. Does it indeed shake?

    Details, man, details!

  5. And yes, it does shake. I popped a little GnR and KISS in*, for some “Yay, I got a car” jamming and the doors shook. I am all WTF, until I figure out that the bass was turned to 11. Also, I have subwoofers in my doors. BOOM.

    You can’t break in a newcar or new radio with anything except the loudest crazy shit in your library. Not Stones. Not Floyd. Metallica woulda worked, but I didn’t want to dig for it. AC/DC (the one about shaking) would have been a nice double entendre, but I didn’t think of it until just now, and the CD was 20 miles away from the dealer anyway.

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