On the other hand

Mad props to the stable…

Phil at Ford of North Scottsdale was the Randy Jackson, man. I mean “the bomb.”

NSA monitoring crew: No you don’t. If you’re smart.

Did most of it on the phone. Didn’t waste my time telling me stuff I already knew. Had all the numbers ready when I got there, and exactly the deal I was promised. Actually, it came out a few dollars less. I fucking hate that.

(No. Not really.)

Likewise with the stealership:

  • No stupid stickers/dealer badges, just a license plate frame that I will throw away tomorrow.
  • No stupid add on alarms. Those pricks at Earnhardts do this to screw every last $ out of you. “Well, we installed this alarm and it’s really great and shit, and [way over-valued] at only $795 which only adds $20 to your payment and if we leave it in, we’ll be done and you’ll be on your way in 5 minutes. Or, we can yank that shit out, leaving a big hole in your new dashboard. It will take an hour, unless the abattoir is backed up. Your choice.”
  • Only two add-ons offered in the finance department – GAP and ESP. Both soft sold. no meant no, not ask again or dicker with the price.
  • In and out in 90 minutes, mostly because of the time it took to detail the car. Not the usual 6 hour ordeal like at Earnhardts.
  • P.S. to Earnhardts. Remember when you sent me info on one car, but said you had “5 others” that were matches to what i wanted? Shoulda followed up. Shoulda answered me when I asked for the info and told you I was ready to decide.

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