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Don’t confuse fascist repression with sound energy policy…

My thoughts are we should, first, lower speed limits on all roads, other than interstate, to a maximum 55 MPH. Interstate roads should be lowered to a maximum 65 MPH. Strictly enforce speed limits across the board. Reduce our dependence on foreign oil by opening up domestic sources to drilling. Sharply increase fuel economy requirements of automakers and put a ceiling on the ridiculous horsepower craze that has gripped the automotive industry. It doesn’t take 250 HP-plus to move a car 60 MPH.
Kevin Preston, Houston, Texas – Your solutions: Easing pain at the pump – Apr 27, 2006.

Dear Kevin:

Fuck you. 55/65 doesn’t work, remember? Your rationale is as misguided now as it was in 1973. the difference then was supply was at issue. Now it is just the price.

Strict enforcement? Look, cretin, We have enough dickhead motorcycle cops already.  They are plenty busy cleaning up wrecks to worry about some dweeb like you who strays past 55 to 56 mph. We have enough violence that the real cops need to be solving or preventing real crimes, not appeasing whiny twits.

You just want to control the lives of everyone around you under the guise of an energy policy. Kiss my ass, you Santorum. You want to reduce demand? A – let the market do it, or B – use your mental powers to remotely disable all the Hummers out there.

My solution? RAISE the minimum speed limit on all arterial roads to 55 or 65 (on curves). Natural selection will take care of the demand issues, when all the fuckhead gas hogs in Hummers roll into the ditch. Plus, there is probably a Fox reality show to be made from it. World’s most deserving fuckheads get their comeuppance. I can envision a starring role for you, strapped to the hood of a blazer like a dead Bambi

In case I forgot to mention it, fuck you. Fuck your stupid 10 year old Escort. Fuck you and your “I will drive 55 in the fast lane because ‘it’s the limit’” bullshit.



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