AARP <3 me

Leisure Suit Me in Scottsdale. Chatted up this hot surgical nurse. So did two other guys. But, once the beer kicked in, I knew it was time to BTF off, because, AS I JUST WROTE, the beer kicked in. See this if the significance escapes you. I’ll see her next time, maybe. Then I went […]

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Phoenix 5.28.06

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Baby blue. Richie Rich at the wheel. Why didn’t I take my own picture? Because i was walking. Why won’t I make THAT mistake again soon? Because: I missed the shot My car gets appreciative stares when i drive I get appreciative stares when i walk. Except they seemed to come only […]

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Craigslist – a place for weirdos

I was browsing the Craigslist the other day and found this headline any young women interested in a daddy/daughter relationship? – m4w – 43 Oh shit, I wandered into the personals.  But WTF?  Daddy/daughter?  I just had daddy daughter time at Trader Joes, and it was limited to buying yogurt and telling fart jokes. But […]

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News of the Weird

I am sensing a theme… Using rabbits, scientists create artificial penisSuccess with randy, replicating rabbits suggests that an ”artificial penis” made from a patient’s own penile cells might someday help men challenged by tough-to-treat impotence. Man allegedly steals sex toy, uses it, dumps itKINGSTON, Ont. – A 19-year-old man faces a theft charge after a […]

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