Spock: A Lie?

Me: An error.
Back on stardate 2006.05.01, I claimed to have attained warp factor one as of about mile 350. In truth – stupid, annoyingly accurate truth – I hit somewhere between 0.95 and 0.98. Still sub-light speed.

Today, a different story. Different road than the previous boast. Uphill, like all the other times I thought I hit it. This time, I was in 4th and punched it, rather than being in 5th and incrementalizing my way. More vivid. More visceral. More in the moment. More successful, including a 5% bonus warp. Another 10 and I would hit the governor.

Also, it was after this point

2006 Ford Mustang
10.5 miles, in Borg speak

so it was OK, OG.

Zoom, zoom.

6 thoughts on “Spock: A Lie?

  1. Second ramp to the right and straight on ’til morning.

    Kirk rocks. He’s like a young, sane, (slightly) less mind-bogglingly arrogant future Denny Crane.

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