Name that car

The front is pointy, with rectangular cutouts. I’m guessing pop up headlights. It’s not a Lamborghini Urraco (my first guess) or espada (a name I remembered). Definitely not a silhouette (aka jalpa). Renault/alpine maybe? Some bastard opel? BTW, the pink sky is not me being artsy – I COOKED my fricking camera.

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Free Speech 1, Senate Shitheads 0

Election year pandering enrages me.  Karl Rove’s evil plan almost gelifies… Senate rejects flag amendment. WASHINGTON – A constitutional amendment to ban flag desecration died in a Senate cliffhanger Tuesday, a single vote short of the support needed to send it to the states for ratification a week before Independence Day. The 66-34 tally in […]

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Some targets are just too easy

Poor Rush – more drug problems. What a dilemma… Rush, you impotent piece of shit. Raise your hand if you  have said that in response to some thoughtless hateful spew from this prick. Now comes this story: Limbaugh held for having Viagra without prescription. Gee.  Now “impotent” rings true after all.  Is that where the […]

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