WTFWYT – Mel Clayton Ford

WTFWYT (What the FUCK were you thinking?!?!?!)


My boss is buying tires today at Mel Clayton Ford in Phoenix

Me: Why not go to Discount Tire?
Manny: I know. Discount Tire is the best. Sorta. But Mel was cheaper by $50 bucks a tire, and it’s a Ford dealer so what could possibly go wrong?

He made a 7 am appointment for this 10 minute process. As of a couple minutes ago, his car won’t be ready for another hour. (For those of you playing at home, that’s 9 hours.)

Here in the Blast Furnace, we have 2 kinds of dealer service departments. Idiots and Worse. MCF is worse. They’re like Earnhardt’s. There, your “appointment” is just a time to meet with a service advisor who will take your order and your keys. It has nothing to do with when or if your car gets serviced. At the end of the day, your car will probably be ready. It really doesn’t matter how minor the purpose of the visit is or how quickly it could be accomplished, just STFU and come back after 5 when the techs are gone. Something not done right? Make another appointment. MCF has dropped its drawers in that camp evidently.

Not that I care, because, barring dire emergency, those guys won’t get near my car. Ever.

2 thoughts on “WTFWYT – Mel Clayton Ford

  1. in todays financial struggles, why wouldnt anyone want to save 50 bucks a piece on name brand tires? your logic regarding this matter paints a clear picture of you whinning like a little bitch for all the internet to see. shit, when youre bored you even pick at earnhardts…. you are a fuckin loser with too much time on your hands. get a job, quit pickin your nose and cryin about the world around you. ninny.

  2. Dear wise and thoughtful respondent.

    The whooshing over your head? it was the point passing you by. I suspect this is such a common experience for you that you have just tuned it out as background noise as you slog ignorantly through life.

    The point was: why let car dealers rob you of your time? If you are content to be treated as cattle, well good on ya. Mel and Tex will happily take your money and stick you in a day long queue for a 15 minute job. That is a lot of trust to place in these clowns, who frankly have not earned it from me. I have dealt with wall jobs (from other dealers), as well as misleading appointment claims (from Tex) first hand. If the first lie is when they will actually get to it, a reasonable person would be justifiably skeptical of the other things they have to say.

    It is also a huge, unwarranted inconvenience for customers, and frankly, they can do better. It is a little hard to shop for info like this when you have already pulled into the service drive. Hence me, and my snippet of helpful consumer information. Discount Tire values its customers and their time. Ford of North Scottsdale does as well. Mel and Tex don’t give a shit. Caveat emptor.

    Enjoy your sheep-like existence. Thanks for weighing in.

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