Tie your mother down

Vh1 Honors the idols of Rock.

God of Thunder by Rob Zombie, Tommy Lee, Slash, Ace Frehley and that bald beard guy from Anthrax, who totally fucking rocked the Gene Simmons axe bass. And some other guy who might be from Anthrax? Holy Shit!

Watch it. Tape it. Save it.

Oh, and Queen 0.5 was all good and shit, and 1/2 KISS was all bombs and tongue and overheld Paul Stanley wails and shit. (Detroit Rock City was a good choice. But Love Gun? Man, Shout It Out Loud or Plaster Caster or Strutter would be better, or even their tribute to OG Fred, Calling Dr. Love.)

Now, about that long overdue Rock and Roll Hale of Fame nod for KISS…

Also Starred: Judas Priest and Def Leppard, not that anyone not named Beavis or Butthead cared.

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