Arizona Diamondbacks : “We stunk it up”

Arizona Diamondbacks : Game Wrapup. Here’s A wrap up for you: Once again, I go to a game and the home team loses. It (almost) ALWAYS works in baseball –

  • 1973. Angels @ Orioles. Angels win.

  • 1984. Orioles @ Detroit. Orioles win.

  • 1997. Dodgers @ Rockies. Dodgers win.

  • 2000, 2004, 2005. Otherguys @ D-backs. Other guys win.

  • (I think I did see the Dbacks win once, but that was littlle league day, and only the karma from T-Monkey running on the field saved them)

This time, it was booming Mets bats, and not quite long enough long balls for the Dbacks that sealed their fate. Plus stepping on their own dicks in the 9th inning.

At no time did I hear the “Gunfighters” “Shut ‘em down” cheer from the team like what Bear’s little league team would do. So that seems causal to the loss. But what do I know. It’s fucking baseball.

Also, mmmmmm, beer.

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