God of Thunder

A couple things I forgot from the VH1 Rock Honors thing, one of which is:
Did the GOD OF THUNDER give rock and roll to me?  And, since Gene Simmons is the God of Thunder, and somewhere in my personal chain of title is the original, does that mean that I am Gene Simmons, or that I gave rock and roll to him to give to you?
And if I did, don’t you owe me like $5 bucks?
I’m talking to you, Matt Loranger

VH1.com : Rock Honors May 31, 2006- Vh1 Honors the idols of Rock.


  • I have to apologize for the shitty Gene Simmons picture
  • “When pimping an asshole, go big”

Gene Simmons, 2/29/05.

So, here ya go

Gene Simmons KISS

Imagine.  Just imagine this twisted motherfucker (sorry mom,  I shouldn’t wish that on you of all people) bastard ON DOPE.

That is all…

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