What’s Wrong With This Picture?



Or this one?

Plenty, according to true.com (“Your internet resource for skanks, freaks, the delusional,  and imaginary or unavailable women.  Plus mail order brides.”)

“The finger is offensive.”
“No!  Really?”

“The gator isn’t funny.”
“The gator isn’t alive any longer, dumbshit.  It doesn’t need to be funny.”

I canceled a trial account I had, but I am still on there.  Apparently, I am used as chum to attract hungry women.  It doesn’t matter if I am actually into the service. Just like how all the interesting sounding women did not actually exist or, if they did, they certainly did not want to be bothered by lounge lizards any more. So, I changed my profile into a tirade against asshole internet services that don’t erase you when you ask them to.  If they’re going to contact people pretending to be me (which they do, and it is yet another reason to cancel), I will at least have the common decency to tell everybody that they (true.com) suck, and that the contact was faked by these assholes. Naturally, I needed an appropriate photo to go with my public service.  Equally, naturally, they told me GFM when I uploaded them.

Back at ya.


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