Take 5

Since i just met local celebrity John Navarre…

Name 5 celebrities you have met. (Celebrity being someone who you thought “this person has been mentioned by name on CNN or ESPN”) If you haven’t actually met them, name people you have been close enough to hit with a stick or your car.

1. 1999 – Dan Quayle (sadly. He’s short, freckled and quiet without a prompter). Camelback Esplanade.

2. 1999 – Bill Frieder (UM/ASU basketball coach and card shark) Esplanade elevator

3 1995 – Lloyd “donut butt” Carr (UM football coach, 1995) Washtenaw Avenue headed for the CCRB (near the site of the near crash with a Chevette). Woulda played “Carr hunter,” but the ex and the Bear were there.

4. 2001 – fascist poster boy Gordon Liddy. Chomping breakfast at Le Peep in Scottsdale. Tried to hold a bic lighter under his moustache to see if he’d flinch. Got out of the hospital 6 months later.

5. 2003 – Janet Napolitano (AZ Governor, not that there’s anything wrong with that). At a convention. Her security bubble is made of bazooka (as opposed to being enforced with them).

Special mention – 1968 – Bobby Kennedy on a whirlwind drive down Portage heading for downtown. We waited on the side of the road with a thousand other people just for a glimpse. I could have hit him with a flying GI Joe from my vantage point. this was a couple months before he got dead like everyone else in the 60s

Special Mention 2 – The Banana Splits – the parking ramp behind Gilmores.

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