Today’s Ethical Quandry

Actually, Friday night’s quandary – 11:46 p.m…

If a cop pulls you over, then lets you go on your way without even a warning, have you done anything wrong?

Note to OG Fred: this is about “wrong,” not “have you done anything mind-fuckingly stupid?” I know the answer to that one. I have been kicking my own ass all weekend about it.

5 thoughts on “Today’s Ethical Quandry

  1. Mind-fuckingly stupid or a danger to yourself and others? Seems to me that if you weren’t a threat, then no wrong. If, in fact, you were pulled over for exceedingly dangerous behavior and were likely to continue, then the cop was wrong. Or at least not doing his job.

    My guess? The cop just wanted a chance to see Dr. G in his chariot up close and personal.

    The fame whore.

  2. It’s still 2006 here.

    Nanner, nanner, nanner.I am not sure if that is a good thing or not. I do not think 2007 can possibly be weirder.  Differently weird. like when I get …

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