Is Ford racist? Or Sexist? Or Both?



I warned you. ^^^

Stay with me on this one. Remember, I love Ford. And to be fair, I fucking hate that gas-filled, spastic douchebag Taylor “Aiken” Hicks, so any chance to discredit him professionally is an opportunity for me.

Anyway, think about it. There have been 4 1/2 [previous American Idol winners. Kelly “I no longer suck as much” Clarkson (white female), Ruben “irrelevant” Studdard (black male), Clay “you only like me because I am not Ruben. Or the whole Elton John diva schtick” Aiken (white male, but a loser), Fantasia (black female) and Carrie Underwood (Okie). None of these people got to be the poster child for Ford. None of them got to pollute my TV with the year end clearance schtick. Then comes white guy Hicks (there is a redneck joke in there somewhere) and he gets the gig. What gives?

Back on Planet Rational, it’s probably more about Ford wanting to put a face on their annual sale, and none of the other “Idols” was relevant. I am not conceding that Hicks IS relevant, just (presumably) less irrelevant. Or maybe none of the others could agree to terms. Or it was written into the indentured servitude deal the “winner” got stuck with this year. I just thought “hmmm.” Right after I barfed after seeing this Santorum spewing flake being electrocuted “dancing” to shill Fords.

I will tell you that Ford is lucky I was shopping Mustangs before this campaign launched. This guy is repellent.

So, to answer the original question: racist? no, because they passed on three crackers. Sexist? Not exceptionally so. If they picked Ruben, then maybe so, because I think he is the only one of the three who ever shagged a woman. He is the testosterone poster boy of the three, which is damning him with faint praise, I know. What is left? I’m thinking “STUPID”

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