Some targets are just too easy

Poor Rush – more drug problems. What a dilemma…

Rush, you impotent piece of shit.

Raise your hand if you  have said that in response to some thoughtless hateful spew from this prick. Now comes this story: Limbaugh held for having Viagra without prescription.

Gee.  Now “impotent” rings true after all.  Is that where the hate comes from, Rush?  The hate for blacks, for “liberals,” for women?  Did you think we would ignore your drugs ever again, after that whole junkie episode?

Man, you make yourself a right wing extremist superstar, and richer than shit.  This means your choice of the hottest country club crones and toothless, sheet wearing, trailer park pussy, and you cant touch any of it without that little blue pill.  Blue?  Couldn’t the damn thing come in some other color?  Blue?  Now you’re thinking of John Kerry, which means Theresa Kerry, and you are seeing that face every time you pop a pill in order to pop her twin (the above-referenced crones).  Better stick to the sheeted trailer rats.

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