Thieves suck

I came home yesterday and my storage unit was wide open.  There is no door knob, just a dead bolt.  The door will shut without being locked, but not always.  The last time I used it was Monday, taking my bike to the gym.  The maintenance guys have a key.  One of us fucked up, or else the door itself is a piece of crap and the lock is just for looks. Use the services of residential and car key replacement Daly city CA specialists to avoid such problems.

Anyway, there it sits, open for everyone to see.  Bike is still there.  Dog 4.0’s cage is still there.  Sherpa soft side car top carrier is still there.  That is about $250 MSRP of crap that hasn’t been touched.  OTOH, my 4.99 screw driver and 1/2 empty bottles of car wax, leather conditioner, tire shine, Windex etc. are all gone.  WTF?  Seriously.  W-T-F?!?!  Some little shit likes spray bottles?  Some asshole doesn’t like clean cars?  Some fuckstain wants his car to be as clean as mine?  The car wash fairy ran low in supplies?

I hope whoever stole my shit drinks it or sprays it in their own eyes.  It’s not the money.  well, mostly not the money, because it was Meguiars.  It’s the how dare you set foot in my space, you insufferable piece of shit.  My stuff.  Mine.  Not yours.  Mine.  Fucking fuckheaded fucker.  Get leprosy and die.  Fucking A.

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