French to the rescue

POWER PLAY: Renault, Nissan GM could link.

Kerkorian puts Detroit firm’s future at stake

July 1, 2006



In a startling move Friday that could reshape General Motors Corp. and the auto industry, GM’s largest individual shareholder urged France’s Renault and Japan’s Nissan Motor Co. to buy a significant stake in the automaker to form a three-way global alliance…

Yep. the last time Renault came to save the day for a US automaker, it worked swimmingly…

Best AMC Pacer ever


One thought on “French to the rescue

  1. Hey there,

    I thought I was the only one weird enough to take pictures of all the cool cars I see. Congratulations on seeing your first Maybach (though it was about two months ago). I saw my first one in August ’05 and have seen just one since (on May 20). And good call on seeing the Gallardo vert – I saw my fourth Gallardo today, but I have yet to see the convertible.

    Also, cool Mustang. And thanks for posting the picture of the old model converted into the new model. Classic.

    You can check out my own car sightings on my MySpace profile: (scroll down a bit – they’re there)

    Keep up the good work!


    (PS – the Eagle Premier and Dodge Monaco weren’t such bad cars. In fact, they were redesigned in 1993 to become the Intrepid and Vision, which are currently being sold as the Charger and the 300 – which DEFINITELY aren’t bad cars. And, Renault has done a lot for Nissan in the past decade. So I’m not wholly opposed to the idea)

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