Superman Returns: Same as it ever was

He's no underdogSuperman Returns

I love Superman. As superpeople go, he is the shit. I hated Superman: the Movie when it came out. I really wanted to like this one. But, they are the same. The word for word same.

  • The Lex Luthor land speech? the same
  • The superman kryptonite water plot device? the same.
  • The Lex babe with conscience? the same
  • Lex offers to sell out his accomplice for some personal benefit? the same.

It is a way better film than the 1978 version or its sequels. It goes gritty instead of campy, which I liked. The effects are of course better. How two newspaper reporters can afford a house overlooking Manhattan, a sea plane and an Audi that hasn’t been offered for sale in the US yet is a bigger suspension of disbelief for me than the whole krypton dude.

What did rock:

Casting – Kevin Spacey was an excellent Lex. – less maniacal and more brilliant than in Se7en.
Chris Reeve and Margot Kidder’s kid as Superdude, Bob Alexander as Perry White, Mimi-Siku as Jimmy Olson

Lois is way hotter this time around, so that right there makes it OK that she’s so boringly perfect..

In four words: Blue Frasier was badder. Also: Pomeranians Get No Respect.

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