More Rockstar

Why do I like this show?  Really?  Because where else can you see some idiot, fighting for his rock life, and who is clearly the least likely to get booted, totally fuck up everything he has worked for by turning an obscure Duran Duran song into a bad Ronny James Dio impersonation.

Rockstar:  We thought you were great Matt, not like these two losers joining you in the we got no votes elimination round.

Matt:  I am a fucking god.  Worship me.

Rockstar:  we are fully prepared to do so.  What are you going to sing passably so we can vent on eyeliner-scarred Chris, who we already said sucked?

Matt:  Well, since you judges are from GnR, Crue and Metallica, and have tattoos and ride Vincent black shadows precisely because it’s insane to do so and you get all greasy and stinky, I am going with the ultimate man’s band, Duran Duran.

Rockstar:  WTF?  Seriously, dude, double-you tee eff?

Matt:  I heart career suicide.

Rockstar:  You got it dude.

These people, even dumbfuck Matt totally out-talent and kick the ass of any of those American Idol cretins.  Dilana would eat Taylor Hicks.  Literally.  Pick the flesh off the bone, toss it in the air and gulp it like a croc.



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