It’s vacation time.

Time to recharge the batteries, entertain the kids, scratch a long simmering itch. Shit like that. In my absence, Phid is in charge. And OG. And Pod. And Superstar, for that matter. I am hitting Cedar Point. And Chitown. And who knows what else.

So, I leave you with parting thoughts of such significance that if you stopped reading right now, you could have already been opening a beer by this point. Oops. Too late.

  • Vote Dilana. Also known as the girl who is bankrupting me with music download charges.
    Freakstar Supernova

    She is so worth it.

  • Or Storm or Patrice. But not that oompaloompa Lukas, or that no talent skank Zayra. Please. I’m begging.
  • Make music, not war.
  • I still hate George Bush. Have no fear. Of me – I am harmless, and babies love me. He should scare the living shit out of you.

    The other, other white meat.

  • Still.
  • I have a fucking dent in my car. Apparently, rocks kicked up by assholes in front of you are like bullets when you’re doing 100+
  • Go figure.

Karma: Gotcha again, asshole.

  • 7.13.06, 12th St. & Missouri.

  • No, it’s not a stupid Dodge Charger.

That’s it. Don’t get none on ya.


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