Only in my dreams…

About every couple of months, I have this recurring dream. No, not the one where my mean grandparents are in league with the ghosts that haunt their house. The one where I am always a credit or two short of graduating, and I am late for class or a final, and I haven’t studied and don’t even know what class/test I am supposed to be in. I guess it’s a variation of the “out in public naked” line, but maybe not, because I have those, and they are only about not wanting to get arrested.

Anyway, last night’s variation was all about Rockstar: Supernova. I was a contestant, and it was time to perform. The only thing holding me back was not knowing what song I was supposed to sing, not having practiced at all, and of course, the whole flawed premise of me “singing” to anyone who was not profoundly deaf or absent. I woke up before anyone’s eardrums bled.

Babes were better in this version, so it had that going for it.  Which is good.

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