KISS Your Originality Goodbye

Actually, lick it goodbye, I suppose, and buy it breakfast before it goes.

Gene Simmons Family Jewels is all Gene, all the time. I like Gene. He is rich as shit. Gets laid. A lot. Is able to play the bass competently. And gets laid. A lot.

Still, Gene… baby… Double you Tee Efff, eh? Haven’t we seen this before. And before. It’s like when you did Rock School. Jack Black’s band was way better. All you did is make a movie real.

I still love you, but damn, can’t you give us something new? (This categorically rules out Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park II. Seriously. Don’t fuck with me on this. I’ll have my minions kill your career. As if the sequel itself wouldn’t do that once and for all.)

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