Apropos of nothing… There’s a shit storm a’coming I feel it coming soon There’s a time and a place And a moment in space When the fat boys call the tune There’s a bubble a’bouncing And it’s bouncing my way There’s two sticks in the powderworks I think its gonna blow today There’s a shit […]

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Brother can you spare $65,000?

All I want for Christmas…  People say that my bass playing, well, what does “I would prefer to have my brain ripped from my skull and fed to rabid lemurs, while my still living corpse is repeatedly and horrifically violated by intoxicated Barry Manilow imitators, than listen to you ‘play’ that thing ever again” tell […]

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I miss cable

I need to stop watching channel 99 from Turdhole AZ… I don’t have cable for the next three days. No ESPN. No “TiVo.” No PPV porn. No internet. Dammit! So this morning, I woke up with the shakes, from broadband withdrawal (or from the worst El Salvador beer ever. It’s hard to say.) Imagine my […]

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Opportunities Lost

Oh, what could have been… No, the stupid Phoenix Arizona Cardinals said “we’re the biggest idiots in the NFL.” Again. (Residents of Arizona all have “we’re fucking morons” tattooed on their asses for building this shrine to the shittiest franchise ever. But that is another story.) Instead of the fighting songbirds playing at Viagra Field […]

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