Opportunities Lost

Oh, what could have been…

Home of Pussies
No need to fear the sun at night.

No, the stupid Phoenix Arizona Cardinals said “we’re the biggest idiots in the NFL.” Again. (Residents of Arizona all have “we’re fucking morons” tattooed on their asses for building this shrine to the shittiest franchise ever. But that is another story.) Instead of the fighting songbirds playing at Viagra Field at Pink Taco Stadium, we are stuck with SuckAss Field at “University of Phoenix” stadium. Cmon, admit it, there was this whole synergistic paradigm that you pissed all over. A team of pink tacos playing at one. Why the hell not?And, “University of Phoenix Stadium”? I suppose if you add “fuck” to its initials, it’s apt. Otherwise, where is the fucking sense? I checked their website. They don’t even have an athletic department, let alone a football team.

Why name it at all?

Bidwill said the Cardinals would use the money from the University of Phoenix deal, to be paid annually over the 20 years, to field a competitive team.”That’s what we’re about is building a championship team,” he said. “This revenue is a big piece of allowing the team to go out into free agency and to move forward.”

Excuse me? You needed a new palace for that? You got it and the Cards still suck so much that starting a kid with 0.0 NFL experience seems like an improvement. You were $27 million under the cap last year without the stadium, and 10.7 million under the cap this year, and you still suck. You have more money, have 10% of your cap money unspent and your team, is 1-2 with a shittly O-line. WTF?

We fucking deserve the we’re fucking morons tattoos. I am just going to call it Pink Taco stadium. Until (unless?) I think of something funny. Or the Cards stop being such pussies

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