Apropos of nothing…

There’s a shit storm a’coming
I feel it coming soon
There’s a time and a place
And a moment in space
When the fat boys call the tune
There’s a bubble a’bouncing
And it’s bouncing my way
There’s two sticks in the powderworks
I think its gonna blow today

There’s a shit storm a’coming
Somebody claiming some I.O.U.’s?
Because the the man’s intact and the animal’s back
They had a gun at my head and a knife at my back
Don’t wind me up too tight
I’ve been had by the balls all my life
I’m in no mood now to stop dead and talk it over

I don’t need no fire and brimstone warning
I’m a life time punching bag
I won’t run no race where there ain’t no prize
By the look in your face
I can tell there ain’t no lies?

There’s a shit storm a’coming
They’re getting in for one free bite
I was taken by surprise
By the glint in the eyes, that sweet campaign
Smelling strongly of lies
You’re the original Mr. Clean
But the close-ups make you look awful mean
You’re just a con-man raving
Saying nothing new


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