Jody No. 2

The cute one. Well, the first cute one.  Jody #3 was pretty hot, too. Jody #1 had, uh, a great personality!

  • she transferred to “my” BK Lounge – Immediate OMG reaction.  Beyond what happens when a girl actually talks to me.

Life with Jody was Party Central:

  1. Friday Night Videos with 8 barrel and Jody’s cute roommate.  “Sharp Dressed Man” beats “Billie Jean” every time.
  2. Rocky Horror Picture Show with 8, Carrie Welch, Jody, roomie.  Yeah, not awkward at all with the girls to my left and 8 to my right.
  3. Football games with her and Pod (and popov and Wendy burgers)
  4. One date night… J:  “what are you doing? You totally touched my Boob!” Sleepy Me: “I’m sorry” J:  “Don’t be” Me: “OK. Zzzzz”
  5. Homecoming Dance 1983. Hotel (used to be Stouffers). Interruption by Scott RoseypalmsPayback IS a bitch, Scott.
  • Thanksgiving break J: “come ride horses” Me:  “come watch football”
  • Xmas break: ” I am getting back with John from Burger King because a – you’re an idiot, paralyzed by the disaster in Ann Arbor and b – your drunk calls to get back together with me are not that cute at 11:00 pm.  Also, too late.
  • Married the following Feb. 11.
  • Creepy:  Prowling an apartment complex looking for John’s shitty Buick.  Why?  No coherent idea other than in-person drunk calling.

Epilogue:  Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda. Didn’t. pix 035 

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