Worst offense ever

No, not the cards or even those Bears

Dear Mike Shanahan:

Please have your team throw and or run the ball into the endzone. That (the endzone) is the green, grassy area under the yellow poles at either end of the field, and when your team brings the ball there, it’s called a “touchdown.” That is as good as kicking the ball at the yellow poles twice.

Think of it: one score, twice as many points! But wait, there’s more!!! If your team scores a “touchdown,” the kicker guy still gets to kick at the yellow poles. Everybody gets to score. And. we get to see the horse run around and fireworks and all that stuff. Yay!

I think there are members of the team whose job description specifically includes “score touchdowns.” Wouldn’t it be nice if they got to have fun too? Give it a try. Imagine how much more fun it would be if the outcome of a game with some dillweeds from the Bay area was not still in doubt with only a couple minutes left in a game. That would be awesome!


2 thoughts on “Worst offense ever

  1. 11/19/07. Jay Cutler completed 16-of-21 passes for 200 yards and two touchdowns in a 34-20 victory Monday against the Tennessee Titans. He also ran twice for nine yards.

    Cutler might not be as mobile as Vince Young, but it’s fun to watch him scramble out of the pocket and rifle balls down the field on the move. Denver’s schedule gets much easier from here on out, starting with a game against the Bears in Week 12, possibly with Javon Walker back.

    The Broncos improved to 5-5, good enough to tie the San Diego Chargers for the lead in the woeful AFC West. This should brighten up Dr. Gonzo, who has had an otherwise miserable week.

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