Hail to the fat cats

Michigan bends over for the country club demographic.

OG Fred is fucking outraged about the presentation:

The horror! I think it’s time someone start a fire Martin campaign. Nothing like a little conspicuous consumption. What a waste.

OG wallows in idealism, which is no small feat in this day and age. My anger is a little more focused on the dick size issue. Michigan Stadium is the largest football stadium in the known universe (officially 107,501 but there are obstructed view seats they don’t count). Beaver Stadium (Penn State) is at 107,282. Tennessee is aroung 104,000 and OSU is over 100K. you don’t think those wannabes won’t jump at the chance to eclipse Michigan? One of the mandates was to preserve the current capacity and retain the ability to expand further.

But, that part is in jeopardy. The Freep initmates on what is going to happen:

“Our concern was that we not preclude future generations from having the ability to expand the stadium,” Martin said. “It can be expanded in the end zones.”

The renovation is scheduled to be completed for the 2010 season and will keep the capacity near its current 107,501.


It will be less. Fuck off. We will voluntarily piss away the biggest house, so fat fuck donors s don’t have to dress in layers, and can get a cheese steak instead of a hot dog. Penn State won’t have to lift a finger to surpass us. The others can bring in folding chairs to kick our ass. Somebody who gives a shit about it (as opposed to me, whose mandate is to give a shit about it) can build tiers and shit in the end zones, when it is even more expensive to do so. We will just as happily shit all over the egalitarian “We’re all Michigan fans” aspect of the stadium. (That ship may have sailed already, thnanks to me.)

Bill Martin

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