what is so wrong

Why did ABC news do a Bush Torture bill rendition of my comment here. All I said was (in couched language) don’t get your panties in a bunch over a politically timed revelation, and the fact that some computer geeks were stupid doesn’t warrant their heads on pikes. Oh, and I compared the relative seriousness […]

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Proof that Chicago did not happen

Jake? Elwood?

See? Never believe what you read.

No one I know was ever near Wrigley. In other news, never trust a fucking camera phone. One day’s CYA photo is the next day’s “beyond a reasonable doubt.” You have been warned.

But not by me. I wasn’t there. If I was, I didn’t say anything to you about it. If I did, it wasn’t that. If it was, you knew I was talking about space aliens and not any property crimes or disorderly conduct of any sort whatsoever on or about August 2, 2006 in the vicinity of Clark and – uh, nevermind.

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TV superstar

  $50 of cables and a wireless card later, my internet shit is all over the TV. And if you think MP.com is the shit on 37”, imagine the madness of Steak and Cheese.  Or, uh, *whispers* porn.

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Jody No. 2

The cute one. Well, the first cute one.  Jody #3 was pretty hot, too. Jody #1 had, uh, a great personality! she transferred to “my” BK Lounge – Immediate OMG reaction.  Beyond what happens when a girl actually talks to me. Life with Jody was Party Central:

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Worst offense ever

No, not the cards or even those Bears Dear Mike Shanahan: Please have your team throw and or run the ball into the endzone. That (the endzone) is the green, grassy area under the yellow poles at either end of the field, and when your team brings the ball there, it’s called a “touchdown.” That […]

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Worst team EVER

Bears (to 20 pt deficit and Cards’ remaining shred of pride): C ya Cards: This is how CU does it , right? Cards: We suck. Bears: Yup. “Fans”: Yup. ESPN: ASS. You suck ASS. You can’t even self-deprecate worth a damn. Me: “University of Phoenix Stadium”? Fuck that. It will always be PINK TACO STADIUM […]

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Miami gets “tough” on thugs…

The University of Miami is synonymous with excellence. Miami is a proven pathway to the achievement of excellence at the highest level, both in the classroom and on the football field. Honesty, Character, Trust, Pride, Teamwork, Commitment. These are just some of the characteristics that describe Hurricane Football. So are these:  felony, embarrassment, lack of […]

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