Order is restored

Buffs decide not to shit on their entire season, choose to win the fucking game FINALLY. Theoretically, they could become bowl eligible (finishing 6–6) and could still go to a BCS bowl (by winning the north at 6–2 and then the Big XII championship game).  R-i-i-i-i-i-i-ight

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Pay up, bitches

In real world news, my guy started a job that he couldnt finish because the owner didn’t have permits.  The owner got the permits then had somebody else finish the work, and said, “you didn’t finish, so no money.” So, arbitration.  All the work of a trial, without the suit jacket or paying to park. […]

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It was the 80s

that is the only plausible excuse…for the hair, the clothes, the Frito Lay Picante sauce.

Uh, OK, but won’t 8 Barrel be jealous?

If you ever denied hooking up with frat groupies “little sisters” (ones best known for advertising for banquet dates), well, here is your proof that she existed. However, this picture must be a fake – no one could afford Michelob at the Phi Sig house.

How to tell you drink too much beer:

  1. You can tell it’s a Michelob from seeing just the top 1″ of a bottle.
  2. You missed giant blue thought bubbles and thus failed to get laid. Again.
  3. She’s mistaken that big bottle of Michelob for your Johnson.  Or perhaps you have.
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Halliburton is Recruiting

Obviously we need more “contractors” in Iraq, according to this morning’s spam. Good day Sir/Madam, We inform you about new vacancies in Violent Cooperation Company. If you are interested in our offer, please, write an e-mail to our manager Donald Albanese and visit our website [www.spambullshitcentral.com] to receive a Representative Contract and detailed information about […]

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